Azar also talked about Jose Mourinho

Azar also talked about Jose Mourinho, after Chelsea and Manchester United confrontation, Mike Mussina did not shake hands with Azar, the British media take this big fuss, that Azal is leading Mussina in the 2015-16 season after class Of the ghosts Austin Watson Jersey, but that season, the Belgians really play downturn, well below his normal level. However, Azar has said that there is no problem playing the game under Mussoon's hand and that "it's not a matter of confusion for me to play again under Mourinho Craig Smith Jersey." It turns out that he himself did not think Mourinho had What contradiction. Emenello served as Chelsea director for many years Pontus Aberg Jersey, he is mainly responsible for the introduction of the players, cleaning and rental work. The British "Daily Telegraph" pointed out that this summer, Emelotalo would like to leave Chelsea, he hopes to return more to family life, take care of their own children. However, taking into account the turmoil in Chelsea, he postponed his departure, after he left, Chelsea boss Abu attacked. Premier League Chelsea in the winter transfer window still hope to sign Everton's England international Rose - Buckley. Even if Barkley himself has reluctant to join Chelsea, and the Blues have failed in his introduction to the summer once, the Blues are still trying to sign him, after all, the account of the players for the current Chelsea is too Too scarce Colin Wilson Jersey.
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